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In Case Of An Accident

Being involved in an automobile accident can be very stressful. South Barrie Collision Centre has put together these steps to help guide you through the process.  We suggest printing off this page and putting it in the your glove box of your vehicle.

At the Scene:

  1. Stop immediately, clear of traffic if possible.
  2. Turn off ignition.
  3. Leave lights and emergency signals on if practical and safe.
  4. Establish driver of other vehicle immediately.
  5. Ensure no injuries.
  6. If there is an injury call police immediately.

Collect the Following Information:

  1. Time of accident
  2. Visibility
  3. Weather
  4. Road conditions
  5. Amount of traffic
  6. Speed limit
  7. Average speed of traffic
  8. Estimated speed of your car
  9. Estimated speed of other car
  10. Number of persons in other car (adults, children, pets)
  11. Date (month, day, year)

Information Regarding Other Vehicle:

  1. Year/Make/Model
  2. Licence plate
  3. Province/State
  4. Driver sex (m/f)
  5. Driver age
  6. Driver name
  7. Driver address
  8. Driver permit number
  9. Registered owner and address
  10. Insurance company and agent
  11. Policy number
  12. Obvious damages

Passenger Information of Other Vehicle:

  1. List all names and addresses
  2. List all obvious injuries

Police Information:

  1. Officer name
  2. Officer badge number
  3. Department
  4. Draw sketch of accident scene

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